Why You Need an NYC Assault Lawyer

Why You Should Contact Your Assault Lawyer in New York When Facing Assault Charges

It is not unusual to hear assault charges in New York because they can range from intentional violence to reckless touching. The relevant laws can be complex because of the circumstances surrounding the event, which are never black and white. In addition, the legal thresholds concerning the same are hardly ever clear. Regardless, you may find yourself charged with assault while indeed you were simply protecting yourself. If you are facing assault charges then you may need an assault lawyer NYC to help prepare your defense and prove that you had no intention to harm your accuser. You need a competent professional assault attorney to help prepare a strong argument.

Often, the wrongly accused find themselves on the wrong side of the law and need to be defended. Assault attorneys defend clients false accused of causing bodily harm to another person. While assault charges are rather straightforward, the law on assault can be quite complex. You can be guilty of 3rd degree assault if the prosecutor can prove that you had the intent to inflict physical harm on another. However, a New York City assault lawyer may prove that such an act was legally justified, therefore not actually a crime.

Assault can be 1st degree, 2nd degree or 3rd degree, as outlined in the Penal Code, with the former being the most serious and attracting the most severe penalties, while latter being the least serious and with the least severe penalties. Each of these presents unique elements, which explain the varying penalties. Assault may or may not be carried out using a deadly weapon. Similarly, the attack may be in such a manner that the victim is left permanently disabled, and this makes the case more complicated. At other times, the attack may involve more than one individual.

Regardless, contacting your assault lawyer NYC can help provide the legal advice necessary to prepare your defense in the court of law. Assaulting a person to the point that he or she is permanently disfigured amounts to serious criminal offense and you may end up in jail, serving a very long prison sentence if you are not careful. If you are facing assault charges of any kind or degree, contact your New York assault lawyer immediately before you speak to anyone about what happened so that the two of you can start working on a plan to ensure the charges against you are dropped, or your prison sentence is reduced.