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Do you believe that you have been retaliated against by your employer because you opposed an illegal employment practice? Did your employer retaliate against you because you filed a discrimination charge or because you participated in an investigation of a discrimination charge? Are you unsure whether to report discrimination to your employer because of a fear of retaliation? The Law Offices of
Steven C. Kahn in Rockville stands ready to help you decide whether to speak out against discrimination in the workplace and if so, when and how. We also stand ready to help protect your right to speak out without suffering retaliation.

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Many victims of employment discrimination do not speak out against workplace discrimination because they are understandably afraid that their employer will retaliate against them if they do so. But, for employees who choose not to remain silent and who experience retaliation as a result, contact our office. Link to Contact Us.

You Have Protection Against Illegal Retaliation.

Federal civil rights laws prohibit retaliation by employers against employees for opposing illegal employment practices or for participating in or assisting investigations of potential employment discrimination. Recently, the Supreme Court expanded the protections available under the anti-retaliation provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include employees who speak out about discrimination, not on their own initiative, but in response to questions during an employer’s internal investigation. The Supreme Court’s decision may lead to a proliferation of retaliation claims, which already have been on the rise.

Illegal retaliation may take many forms, including intentionally false references given to prospective employers of former employees because they protested unlawful employment discrimination. The key question is whether the employee suffered an adverse employment action because he or she engaged in statutorily-protected activity.

We can help you answer this important question, and we also can help you assert your rights if you have been a victim of illegal retaliation.

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