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Have you been offered severance pay as part of a termination package? Do you know whether the package is fair and comprehensive? We can help you evaluate whether your employer’s severance proposal is reasonable. We also can help you in negotiating better terms. For review of your severance agreement and assistance in negotiating a fair settlement, call The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn in Rockville.

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Not all companies provide severance packages to terminated employees, and generally, there is no legal obligation to do so. However, many employers do offer severance to employees released due to corporate reorganization, a lack of work or other reasons.

We Can Help You Position Yourself to Receive Appropriate Benefits.

The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn, we will review a severance agreement package to determine what you are receiving is fair. We can also work with you to establish negotiation strategies to potentially improve the offer.

For employees who believe they have been discriminated or retaliated against, or otherwise
wrongfully terminated, our lawyer can work with you to determine the strength of your legal claims. If you do have a potential claim for wrongful discharge or other claims, our firm can use it as leverage and work on your behalf to negotiate a better separation or severance package for you.

When you begin searching for new employment, you will likely face the issue of providing references. What do you do if you were terminated under less-than-favorable circumstances?
Attorney Steven C. Kahn will help you develop a plan for best positioning yourself for your next job.

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