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Have you been denied overtime pay for working over 40 hours in the workweek? Were you terminated to avoid payment of earned commissions or bonuses? If you wonder what recourse you may have, call The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn in Rockville.

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As workers in the United States, we generally spend many more hours on the job than workers elsewhere in the world do. We are therefore interested in ensuring that we are properly compensated for our work.

You Have a Right to Be Paid for the Hours You Worked.

Most employees are paid appropriate wages for the hours worked; however, for those who are not, we at
The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn are ready to represent their interests. If you are uncertain, whether you have a legitimate wage and hour concern, contact us. We are well versed in the federal and state laws pertaining to:

  • Overtime pay
  • On call pay
  • Breaks and meal periods
  • Unpaid wages or back pay
  • Commissions and bonuses
  • Pensions and welfare benefit plans

Whether you are a government employee or working in the private sector, a blue-collar worker or an executive, currently employed or recently
terminated, we are here to help. In the past four decades, Attorney Steven C. Kahn has helped countless individuals recover unpaid wages to which they were entitled.

Contact The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn.

Located just minutes from the Rockville Metro and from the Montgomery County district and circuit courthouses,
The Law Offices of Steven C. Kahn are conveniently located and wheelchair accessible. Our office hours are by appointment and our phones are answered 24 hours every day. Please
contact us today if you are the victim of illegal employment practices or discriminatory working conditions. Call 866-415-8698 or 301-637-0400 or complete our
online form to submit detailed information about your employment law case.

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